RTT Crossbars Guide

Vehicles have a number of different roof shapes and features built into them. Below, we’ve listed the possible variations to help you understand the crossbars and towers you’ll need to install your TopOak Rooftop Tent on your vehicle

A few important points to start off:

  • All you need to install a tent is a set of crossbars (the bars which go horizontally across your roof).
  • The crossbars should be at least 30 inches apart and have a weight rating that is equal to or greater than the weight of the tent.
  • It’s not important which style of crossbar you have (round, square, aero, etc.), although the aero style bars do provide a wider platform for your tent.
  • Roof racks are rated for DYNAMIC loads (e.g., when you’re going 100 mph and slam on the brakes) – the load that the vehicle and rack can carry when you’re parked is a STATIC load and can be as much as 7x the dynamic rating.